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How To Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress by Custom Plugin?

Using a simple plugin.

Did you know about automatic updates on the WordPress website?

Some time Some Core, Plugins, and Themes are auto-update in your live WordPress site.
That time you lose some custom changes and some other setting in your site.

How to prevent this type of loss and stop auto-update?
Let’s follow these simple 4 steps:
1. Download the simple plugin WP Disable Automatic Updates
2. Upload in your WordPress site.
a. Go to in your WordPress backend wp-admin menu > Plugins > Installed Plugins
b. Click on Plugin Add new button
c. Upload WP Disable Automatic Updates plugin (Not see any update list)
3. Active WP Disable Automatic Updates Plugin
4. Check-in Dashboard > Updates

Note: If you want to check any update in your WordPress site. You need to deactivate WP Disable Automatic Updates Plugin.

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